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Hockey tactical advice
« u: 11. Lipanj, 2018, 15:12:36 »

Situation: I'm the green dot at the bottom. The purple dots are the other team, the red rectangle is our goal, and the orange dot is the puck (ball in this case). The purple dot next to the ball has possession, but has not really prepped for a shot yet. Everyone was generally drifting to the right of the image at the time. My action is depicted by the black arrow. My thought was that purple dot was likely to either take a shot, in which case I wanted to be in position to pick up the deflection near the boards, or pass to a team mate, in which case I would have time to reposition before the teammate could make a shot. I was depending on the two defenders plus the goalie on my team to handle any short range action. The green arrow shows what my teammates wanted me to do (which I was informed of after the play was over). I didn't see why my presence in an already over crowded area would help, but I'm pretty ignorant about hockey tactics, so I kept my mouth shut. The purple dot that is next to my position did not really reposition, but if he would have moved toward the goal I would have moved in to cut him off. Epilogue: The top most green dot stole the ball and cleared up, so there were no real consequences to my actions. However, I would like to know what I should have done so I can be a better player in the future. What should I have done?

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